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Sugar preserved WHITE GOURD BLOCK-Taiwan specialty Won 2021 Great Taste Award from UK

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Won Great Taste Awards from UK

*No flavoring essences, preservatives, caramel coloring and saccharin.

*The benefits of winter melon drink: It helps to relieve heat and reduce body water retention.

*Easy to brew with both hot and cold water, small pieces make calories controlled easy

*Easy to carry to work, school, outings and travel, healthy drinks.



Taiwan’s national treasure tea, White gourd drink (winter melon drink), is Taiwan’s most popular traditional beverage. This product is made of 100% winter melon grown in Taiwan and boiled with sucrose or brown sugar to make small pieces of winter melon. Each small piece is packaged in a single, safe and hygienic, convenient to carry and share. One packet at a time. 


How do you use it?

1. Drink it alone or serve it as sugar to prepare various flavored beverages.

2. After dissolving, add ice cubes as a summer iced drink or smoothie.

3. As the base beverage for fruit tea and bubble tea.

4. Eat directly as candy.

5. Put it in any drink you want to make your drink has some different flavors.

6. When you are in a bad mood, "sweet" replenishes the soul.



A piece was added to 200-250ml of cold or hot water, and stirred to dissolve, sweetness adjusted according to individual preferences




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