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Brown sugar preserved WHITE GOURD BLOCK-Taiwan specialty

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**Without Artificial flavors, Preservatives, Colors**

White gourd drink is a traditional and popular summer drink in Taiwan.
All of the products are without artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors.
White gourd drink is good for reducing water retention and heat in your body.
There are two flavors of white gourd drink, sugar preserved and brown sugar preserved.

How do you use it?

1. Drink it alone or serve it as sugar to prepare various flavored beverages.

2. After dissolving, add ice cubes as a summer iced drink or smoothie.

3. As the base beverage for fruit tea and bubble tea.

4. Eat directly as candy.

5. Put it in any drink you want to make your drink has some different flavors.

6. When you are in a bad mood, "sweet" replenishes the soul.

Drink making:
According to your preferred taste, put the block (20g) in 200-250 ml hot water, then stir it to dissolve, or put it in cold water then shake it to dissolve.

Ingredients: Brown sugar, White gourd, water, Calcium oxide
Net Weight: 20 g x 10 pcs / bag
Shelf Life: 1 years (unopened)
Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, or store in a refrigerator. Refrigerate after opening, and finish it as soon as possible.
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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