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  • 黑糖桂圓紅棗茶

Brown Sugar preserved Longan Red Date block

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Handmade Brown Sugar with Longan and Red Date, from fine selected Taiwanese charcoal-baked longan, add a specific proportion of red dates. You can find some small pieces of red dates and longan inside. 

Without artificial flavors, and no coloring, no preservatives, no saccharin.

Small single package, easy to carry. vegetarian friendly.

Take it with you and replenish it at any time. It can be brewed or eaten as candy.

It is also a perfect match to drink with LAOMU Ginger Black tea.


Ingredients: brown sugar, longan, red dates, maltose

Net weight: 60 grams (8-10 pieces)

Shelf life: 1 year (unopened)

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place or refrigerate in the refrigerator. After opening, please refrigerate and eat as soon as possible.

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If any item is missing or the packaging is not in the same condition, returns or exchanges may be denied.

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