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AIYU FIG SEED JELLY-II (4 bags) - The magic Taiwan dessert Low-calorie

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Aiyu Fig is endemic species in Taiwan. Wash and rub the Aiyu Fig seeds for several minutes to get Aiyu jelly. The jelly is the most popular Taiwan dessert in summer.

Different from synthetic jelly or powder brewing jelly, the natural Aiyu Jelly includes dietary fiber pectin that helps to increase satiety and reduce appetite, low-calories (only 2 calories per 100 grams.), and less burden on the body. Suitable for vegetarians and people who prefer a healthy life and low-calorie diet.

The jelly tastes soft and tender, and is usually served with honey and lemon juice or shaved ice. You can add it to yogurt, soft drinks, salads and cocktails. Since the jelly does not dissolve in hot water, it can be used as an ingredient in hot pot.

The Aiyu Fig grow in clean natural environment, using organic fertilizer or non-fertilizer, no use of pesticide and herbicide.

Our product is a piece of right and small packaging that is convenient for you to do natural jelly by yourself, or do with friends and children. It will be fun!

The product can be well stored by the package of avoiding light and moisture, and zipper bag packaging is easy to keep unused products.



*Instruction for use:
1.A packaging of Aiyu Fig seeds
2.Cold mineral water 350-400 ml (1 gram Aiyu Fig seeds:70-80 ml water).

Must keep in mind:
1. Do not have oil and sugar on hands and in the container.
2. Better to use cold mineral water. Do not use hot water, distilled water or reverse osmosis water.
3. Do not wash the bag more than 10 minutes, better to wash it quickly and gently.
4. After 2 hours of jelly is settled, Water will slowly seep out of the jelly.

We select high-quality varieties of Aiyu Fig,according to the different pectin characteristics, develop to Aiyu Fig Seed Jelly I and II.

Aiyu Fig Seed Jelly- II:
 -Jelly developed time:30-60 min.,
 -The time of water seep out from the jelly:around 3 hrs.
(The testing is by bottled mineral water in Taiwan. The different results will be caused by the different water quality in every country.)

Name:Aiyu Fig Seed Jelly-II
Ingredient:Aiyu Fig seeds
Net weight:5 g x 5 pcs / bag, 4 bags
Storage:Store in a dry and cool place.

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